Swimming Drill Demonstration


  • Standing up, find a space in the pool and make a 'Star' shape - feet flat on the floor, arms and legs wide apart making an 'X' 
  • Tuck noodle under the arms keeping the curve in front and a gap between body and curve.  
  • Lean forwards so that chin is on the water and allow feet to rise up behind so that they are lying flat on their stomach. 
  • Make the 'Star' shape and hold, arms and legs still. If able to float on their front unaided, progress to pencil floats and mushroom floats. 
  • If able to accomplish all of these, ask for sequences i.e: star float to pencil float or mushroom float to star float.

Coaching points

  • Floating on tummy, eyes looking at pool floor 
  • Arms and legs still and straight 
  • Hold breath to aid buoyancy If the water is too deep for children to stand up, just demonstrate from poolside so that they understand the shape they are trying to make. 

If swimmers are bending in the middle, get swimmers to show you their 'banana tummies' - i.e pushing tummies out in front of them. When in star float, remind them to do 'banana tummy' - encourages them to push tummies up to surface.

Should you be in the water, or have an assistant in the water, those that are water confident can try floating without the noodle. Support them under the shoulders until they are in the right position. Ensure they take a deep breath and hold it to aid buoyancy.

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