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Dive Start.

category: Backstroke-Technique

Swimming Dive Start. Backstroke - Technique Start in the water and hold onto the poolside or starting block with both hands about shoulder width apar...

Backstroke - Drills

category: Backstroke-Drills

Swimming Backstroke - Drills Backstroke - Drills Dolphin Leg Kick. Kick backstroke with dolphin legs to develop and improve abdominal strength. Arms ...


category: Backstroke-Technique

Swimming Turn. Backstroke - Technique The turn is executed by rolling over onto your front on the last stroke into the wall, drop your head down towa...

Backstroke - Top Tips

category: Backstroke-Top-Tips

To improve your Backstroke, swim double arm backstroke to develop good balance and symmetry within the stroke. This will also help maintain good fle...



Community Drills

Balance the cups

Chd perform backstroke legs, arms at sides balancing half-full cup on head.25 m cannon up one side down other

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Backstroke turnStudent swims backstroke from approximately 20mWhen they see a flag which the sigh is last 5m from the wall need count how many stroke ...

Warm Up

100m freestyle kicking with the kickboard200m backstroke kicking without the kickboard