Stroke Development Frontcrawl

category: Stroke-Development-Frontcrawl

Swimming Stroke Development Frontcrawl Stroke Development Frontcrawl Turns Tumble Turn. Focus onto the wall five metres away and aware of how manyƂ ....


category: Dive

Swimming Dive Dive Side Kicking. Kick your legs while on your side with one arm stretched out down the pool and your ear resting flat on your upper a...

Kicking On Noodle

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Swimming Kicking on noodle Frontcrawl - Drills Looking at noodle position and body position with kicking. Hold the noodle under the arms, with the cu...

Push And Glide - Unaided

category: Push-and-Glides-Front

Swimming Push and Glide - unaided Push and Glides - Front Face in water, arms drop down and extend in front. Strong push into legs extended. Glide. I...

Web Videos

Freestyle swimming technique | stroke

Get faster, fitter, stronger at the pool by improving your swim technique with our series of Speedo Fit videos. Produced with an elite swim coach and ...



Community Drills

Warm Up

100m freestyle kicking with the kickboard200m backstroke kicking without the kickboard

Warm up

300m Freestyle(75m)-fingers dragging (25m)