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Touch Turn.

category: Butterfly-Technique

Swimming Touch Turn. Butterfly - Technique On the last stroke stretch for the wall with both hands and drive the leg kick. Touch the wall with both h...

Kick Dolphin Legs

category: Butterfly-Drills

Swimming Kick Dolphin Legs Butterfly - Drills Kick Dolphin Legs with or without a small flexible float. Hold the top of the float with two hands. Kee...

Dive Start.

category: Butterfly-Technique

Swimming Dive Start. Butterfly - Technique Stand firmly on the poolside or starting block with toes rapped around the front edge. Place hands to the ...


category: Strength

Swimming Butterfly Strength Swim 6 x 25m (6 x 1 length) Butterfly with 15 sec rest after each length. Every 3rd length Pull with a pull buoy float be...

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Drill 2

300m 5 butterfly kicking under the water and 3 butterfly arms