Level 3 - Lesson 1: Frontcrawl (starting to swim unaided)

Level 3 swimmers will be able to get their feet off the floor with confidence but have not yet mastered the full stroke technique. They will have a decent leg action but not yet have a confident arm technique - that's why this session introduces swimmers to the frontcrawl arm action.

What are we working on in this Session?

Even though this session brings in arm actions it's vital your swimmers don't forget their legs - that's why this session continues to improve the body position and leg action in addition to the arm action.

The first step in this session will be to get your swimmers used to pushing and gliding with their arms outstretched and faces in the water. Once players are floating and gliding we then develop the correct arm action:

  • Thumb and first finger enter the water first
  • Arm enters in line with shoulder and pulls down past hip
  • Litttle finger exits water first

To keep things interesting we finish the session by introducing your swimmers to the butterfly (mermaid) leg kick action!


This session has progressions for you more able swimmers and conditions to help develop your less able swimmers.

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