Push And Glide - Unaided

category: Push-and-Glides-Front

Face in water, arms drop down and extend in front. Strong push into legs extended. Glide. If able to demonstrate a good Push and Glide without floats,...

Leg Action – 1 Float

category: Breaststroke-Drills

Bring heels up to bottom Turn toes out, like a frog Kick round in a circlular shape until feet are back together, legs straight Legs move simultaneou...

Backstroke - Drills

category: Backstroke-Drills

Dolphin Leg Kick. Kick backstroke with dolphinlegs to develop and improve abdominalstrength. Arms will be stretched out above yourhead, pressing over ...

Frontcrawl - Drills

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Front crawl Forehead Touch Drill. Touch yourforehead with one hand before it enters thewater. Keep your legs kicking strong as yourarms move slowly fo...

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