Level 3 - Lesson 2: Backstroke (starting to swim unaided)

Level 3 swimmers will be able to get their feet off the floor with confidence but have not yet mastered the full stroke technique. They will have a decent leg action but not yet have a confident arm technique - that's why this session introduces swimmers to the backstroke arm action.

What are we working on in this Session?

When your swimmers attempt kicking on their back unaided make sure you keep reminding them of the main 3 factors affecting body position - "eyes up, tummy up, toes up!". Most swimmers by Level 3 are hopefully confident using floats on their back - doing the same unaided trickier. This session looks at taking the floats away and giving confidence to swim unaided on the back.


This session has progressions for you more able swimmers and conditions to help develop your less able swimmers.

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