Level 3 - Lesson 3: Breaststroke (starting to swim unaided)

Level 3 swimmers will be able to get their feet off the floor with confidence but have not yet mastered the full stroke technique. They will have a decent leg action but not yet have a confident arm technique - that's why this session introduces swimmers to the breaststroke arm action.

What are we working on in this Session?

To make sure your swimmers don't forget their legs in this breaststroke arm actions session we begin with a recap of kicking, making sure the toes point out and the leg kick comes from the hip.

Once we've recapped the legs we get your group swimming like a frog and work on the arm action technique, getting your swimmers to:

  • Start with their arms straight in front, hands together
  • Turn palms out and pull out and down towards tummy
  • Bring hands together by chest and extend arms out in front until straight. The whole action with the hands resembles a circle


This session has progressions for you more able swimmers and conditions to help develop your less able swimmers.

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