Swimming Drill Demonstration


  • Looking at noodle position and body position with kicking.
  • Hold the noodle under the arms, with the curve and a'window' at the front. Kick frontcrawl leg kick to other side of the pool.
  • See how they do. Split into 2 group accordingly:
  1. G1 - those with effective leg kick
  2. G2 - those struggling to move through the water 
  • If demonstrating good body position with a noodle, move onto 2 floats and continue with same exercises above.

Coaching points

  1. Legs should be straight, with action starting from the hip and a slight bend in the knee 
  2. Floppy ankles 
  3. Encourage them to makes splashes with their feet, but ensure feet don't come too far out of the water 
  4. Endeavour to get faces in water, eyes looking down. If not confident enough to do this, ensure kicking is done with chin on water to encourage good body position 
  5. Face in the water, eyes looking down and forwards 
  6. Breathing out in the water, lift head to breathe in

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