Level 1 - Lesson 3: Breaststroke (water confidence)

Children love to have fun and learning to swim shouldn't be any different. That's why this session has been developed to not only cover the key skills your children will need to learn to swim, but also to discover new ways of delivering this information.

What are we working on in this Session?

Image of frogSome non-swimmers struggle to get their feet off the ground doing alternate leg kick. The breaststroke leg action sometimes feels more stable and non-swimmers often have more success with this stroke which does wonders for a child's water confidence, balance and buoyancy.

You are never too young to try something new which is why in this session we work on breaststroke legs (kicking like a frog).

  • Introduce the breaststroke legs technique
  • Use simple descriptions to help children understand and visualise this complex technique
  • There's a lot to take in here so this session keeps things short, with 1-2 coaching tips per length

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