Level 2 - Lesson 3: Breaststroke (improving the basics)

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This session is designed for your paddlers, swimmers with a basic level of confidence in the water and a knowledge of stroke technique but who still need to put the components together for a more efficient swimming technique.

What are we working on in this Session?

Breaststroke is a stroke that is often forgotten about in the early stages which is strange as young swimmers are actually better suited to turning their toes out and kicking wide as they have better flexibility than older swimmers!

We use this improved flexibility in this session to practice:

  • Bringing the heels up to their bottom and turning their toes out, like a frog
  • Kicking in a circular shape until feet are back together and move the legs simultaneously
  • Finish with a contrasting activity, a fun underwater sinkie relay race!


This session has progressions for you more able swimmers and conditions to help develop your less able swimmers.

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