Passing In 4S - Short And Long

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up a triangle as shown.4 players on the outside, 2 on 1 cone and 1 on each of the other 2 cones. 1 ball between the group.The ball is with the 1st...

Barcelona Small Sided Game

category: Conditioned-games

The aim of the drill is to work on helping your team keep possession all over the field. The game starts with normal rules, no limitations on touches,...

Passing Through The Channel

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Set up a playing area, divided into three equal sized playing areas. Players cannot enter another zone.To begin with play 6 attackers (3 in both ends)...

First Touch With Instep Of Foot

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Put the players in pairs with one ball between 2 The players should try and pass the ball slightly wide of each other. The receiving player has to pla...

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