Football Drill Demonstration


Set up a triangle as shown.

4 players on the outside, 2 on 1 cone and 1 on each of the other 2 cones. 1 ball between the group.

The ball is with the 1st player in the cone with 2. A 1,2 is played with the next player in the triangle and then a long pass is made to the next player on.

The sequence is repeated at each point of the triangle and thus the pattern of passing is alternative short and long passes around the triangle.

Players move 1 cone on after completing the long pass.

Coaching points

The distance between the cones can be modified depending on how hard you want your players to work and the distance of passing that you want to work on.

Ensure you get good acceleration after each player makes their second (long) pass..

The long passes should be firm while the short passes should be weighted according to the distance of the players from each other.

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