4 Vs 4 - Make The Space

category: 526-ballcirculation

4 attacking players against 4 defenders - with the attackers trying to score a goal. The attackers start on either wing and take it in turn to run for...

Fake Your Way Past

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting(dummy)

Run forward at full speed to receive the pass. As you approach the defender drop the shoulder in the direction which you are pretending to pass (drop ...

Mini Handball

category: 116-passing-intercepting-finding-space-and-defending

Two teams, each with goalkeepers, play across a half-court sized pitch. Play with normal rules.

321 Pass/Shot Feinting(Dummy)

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting(dummy)

B and R pass around.W1 reacts on the feinting (dummy) of B3 and B6.Pass after :- feinting (dummy) to person you have just received the ball from- make...

Web Videos

Release and replace drill 1

Drills name - Release and Replace - the basic movement theme is that when a player handballs to a stationary player - on his side - he then replaces h...