Backward Roll Tuck

category: Key-3-Backwards-roll

Starting in an extended position sit and rock back.Place hands on mat, close to the ears, with fingers pointing towards shoulders.Rotate backwards in ...

Dish Rolling

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

keep dish tense  initiate roll with shoulder twist  'wriggle' roll around hips keep the shapes: dish  arch - dish

Forward Roll To Stand

category: Key-3-Forward-roll

From Box Shape walk on toes to raise hips.When shoulders advance past hands roll over head to shoulders.Move to tuck shape and stand.

Side Roll

category: Key-4-Body-Temperature-Raising-2

Commence with arms horizontal taking weight on bent left knee and extended right leg. Lower left shoulder and roll to the left taking body weight acro...

Straddle Forward Roll To Straddle Sit

category: Key-3-Content-Linkage

Start standing with legs apart and arms horizontal.Reach forward and push the back of the hands along the floor, as far as possible, back through the ...

Teddy Roll

category: Key-2-Body-Conditioning

From straddle sit: Hands grasp legs behind knees (maintain this shape throughout skill). Pull knee to ear (e.g. R knee to R ear) to initiate rolling a...

Web Videos

Gymnastics : what is a backward roll?

Perform a backward roll by tucking the knees inward and pushing up on the hands to lift the hips and land on the feet. Learn to stretch the neck, back...