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Headstand Progressions

category: Key-3-Headstand

Gymnastics Headstand Progressions Key 3 Headstand Box Shape on a mat, lower forehead to mat to create triangle with hands. Walk toes to chest, (pushi...

Head Stand

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics Head Stand Key 3 Balance From knee position rock forward to form large triangle with head and hands. Keeping legs straight drag the feet t...

Headstand From A Box Shape On Mat

category: Key-2-content-balance

Gymnastics Headstand from a box shape on mat Key 2 content balance From box shape: Make equilateral triangle with hands and forehead, hands shoulderÂ...

Key 3 Headstand

category: Key-3-Headstand

Gymnastics Key 3 Headstand Key 3 Headstand Teach Inverted Stag Leg Balance from Front Lying on mid-height apparatus (hands on mat, one leg vertical,...

Linkage Headstand

category: Key-2-GC-Linkage

Gymnastics Linkage Headstand Key 2 GC Linkage Select actions you can perform well. Choose clear starting position. Maintain body tension. Make each ...

Headstand Sandwich

category: Key-3-Headstand

Gymnastics Headstand sandwich Key 3 Headstand Teach Headstand Sandwich. Choose any Headstand Balance Progression, then find a way into the balance ....

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KS2: Part 5. Headstand Progressions

Drawing on what we have worked on in previous sessions we introduce headstand progressions for your gymnasts to continue to work on their balance.