category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Gymnastics Bridges Key 3 Body conditioning Move from Long Sit to Modified Bridge to Bridge to Modified Bridge to Long Sit.

Backward Handstand Bridge

category: C-Walk-Overs-Backwards

Gymnastics Backward Handstand Bridge C Walk Overs Backwards Start in modified bridge position with feet on the end of a bench. Place hands on floor b...


category: Key-2-content-balance

Gymnastics Bridge Key 2 content balance Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep your back in a neutral position - not overly arched but not press...

Modified Bridge

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

Gymnastics Modified Bridge Key 3 Body conditioning Move from Long Sit to Modofied Bridge.

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Walk Hands Down Wall to Floor and Back UpBridge onto MatLay down, Bridge up, Lay Down Bridge up and RepeatBridge Hold 1 legs (Both Legs)Bridge KicksHa...