Bench Work 3

category: Key-1-content-Apparatus

Face vault over a bench.

Donkey Kicks On A Bench

category: Key-3-Handstand

Teach Donkey Kicks (Double leg ‘Snap Down’ from Handstand to land in Half Squat).  From a Handstand Kick Up on a bench

Bench Jumps

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Straight

Stand on a bench in a 'Y' shape.Swing arms down, back and up as knees are flexed and extended into a straight jump.Flex knees on landing with arms hor...

Wide Angle Kick Down From Bench

category: Key-3-Wheels

Teach Wheeling Leg Kick Progressions Grasp both sides of the apparatus, keeping arms straight. Kick legs into a wheeling action around, over or down ...

Vault Progressions Along Bench.

category: Key-3-Vault

Teach Straddle Vault Progressions and Variations From a low squat, swing arms forward and block with straight arms. Lift arms by ears as feet land in...

Scissor Kicks Along Bench

category: Key-3-Body-Temperature-Raising

Scissor Kicks on the spot and with Forward Travel.   Progress to travel along a bench

Benchwork 4 Wheeling Leg Kicks

category: Key-2-content-Apparatus

From Grasping the side of the end of a bench, catch weight on straight arms as legs kick out into a stradle around the end of the bench, to land one (...

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