Front Foot Defence - Leaving The Ball

category: Front-foot-batting

The coach throws on one knee with a football style throw in, which the batsmen have to defend by hitting back through the cones, with 6 balls each.

Driving Game

category: Front-foot-batting

With between 5-8 players on each team. Each batsmen must drive on one out of 3 deliveries and run on the driven one, then complete two runs. The field...

Front Foot Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

The Coach feeds 6 balls to each batsman, who have to drive the ball through the set of cones.

Catch Volleyball

category: Conditioned-games

3 teams 1 ball 3 zones 2 teams in the outside zones throw the ball over the team in the middle zone to try and land the ball on the ground in the oppo...

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