category: Front-foot-batting

Played to a length ball pitching on or around line of the stumps Can be done in pairs/ groups of three. One batter and one feeder minimum required. 6 ...

Attacking Front Foot Drives

category: Front-foot-batting

Player 2 throws. Each batsman has 3 consecutive balls, then goes to the back of the queue. If you leave a ball you get another go. The ball should be ...

Driving Game

category: Front-foot-batting

With between 5-8 players on each team. Each batsmen must drive on one out of 3 deliveries and run on the driven one, then complete two runs. The field...

The Cut Shot

category: Back-foot-batting

Throw a short pitched delivery from (a) kneeling or (b) standing up - depending on the height and age of the batsmen. Throw the ball with pace outside...

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