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2 vs 2

The first player starts the game with a throw over the net. The two players on the other side of the net communicate and one catches the ball, the other moves to the net and faces their partner who passes the ball to them with a high pass from a volley position with the ball above their forehead.

The person at the net holds the ball in a volley position and keeps hold of the ball until their partner is about 2 metres away from the net, facing them with the hand up, nearest the net pointing where they want the next high pass to be placed. The players should then pass the ball high to the area pointed at and that player moves in, catches and plays the ball over the net.

Both players return to a side by side playing position ready to play defence.

Coaching points

This sequence is repeated without trying to score points but in a more cooperative way so that the format of the game can be learned.

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