The wrong-footing tactic - Play the ball back-behind!

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This week we develop your players' tactical awareness so that they can catch their opponent on the wrong foot, as they hit the ball back-behind using the inside-out forehand.

To develop the back-behind tactic with your players we start things off with a two-shot sequence, where players must hit the ball at the target zone. This requires a good level of accuracy from your players and will help introduce them to the movement pattern for the back-behind shot.

From here the drills become closer to a game scenario and are designed to make players feel more confident when looking to alter the play by hitting the ball behind their opponent, knocking them off the court and off balance by doing so!

The back-behind tactic is particularly useful when playing against opponents that are fast on the court. This is because speedy players often run into the space and therefore leave themselves exposed to being wrong-footed.

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