Develop the Backhand!

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There is so much more to the backhand than your players know and this session looks at improving your player’s technique in a number of different technical areas. Teach your players how to successfully use topspin when hitting the backhand, as well as developing the extension of the groundstroke. Topspin in particular is an important aspect to the modern game and is required by your player to keep up with the speed of the game. Hit with full speed and catch the opposition off guard!

What’s in the Session?

We start off by getting your players warmed up and raring for action, before moving onto improving their extension with a simple drill. We continue by developing your players’ technique, improving their topspin shot and then finishing off by working on the technical aspects to the backhand. All of these simple drills will go a long way to helping your player succeed out on the court!

Session Ratings: 4 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
Develop the Backhand!
Monsieur Fritz
United States of America Monsieur Fritz
Works best when you have a medicine ball :)
Develop the Backhand!
Benoit Vanier
Canada Benoit Vanier
I try it and it helps a lot

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