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Players rally up and down the middle of the court while standing on the service line using their non-dominant hand, looking for as much control as they can get.

Coaching points

Tennis players mostly use their dominant hand to hit the ball so this side of the body is stronger than the other one. Imbalance of the muscles can lead to injuries so it is important to work on both sides of the body. Additionally, learning how to hit the ball with non-dominant hand is a great exercise that can help improve ball perception skills as well as coordination.

This develops hand skills whilst challenging coordination of both hands and feet and working the opposite side of the body. Very young players may not be strong enough in their opposite hand so you could start them off instead playing a short rally or with a softer ball.

Most players will find this difficult at first but it is amazing how quickly the body learns with repetition. Players with very good double handed backhands may be especially good at non dominant hand forehands so watch out!


Players count how many balls they can get in in a row between pairs.

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