Hockey Drill Demonstration


2 teams combine to play 4 versus 2

  • All players must remain in the box
  • The attackers who lose the ball becomes the defenders
  • No first time passes
  • Push only no slap or hit passes

Coaching points

To establish the understanding in players that they must scan for the position of the cover defender (avoiding focusing on the player closing them down).


For players to retain possession for five passes. If they succeed in doing this they score a point.

Player on the ball:

Step 1

  • Look at the position of the back defender
  • Which way is the cover defender moving?
  • Decide which player is free

Step 2

  • Move the defenders stick out of the passing lane by using disguise (pretending to pass to the marked player) "Look at the player you are NOT going to pass to"
  • The defenders will react by moving their sticks to intercept
  • Pass to your unmarked colleague

Players off the ball:

  • Both players must offer 'wide angled support' and therefore be available to receive thus giving passer two options, making the defenders job difficult

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Drill tags: 2v2v2, cover defence, keep ball, movement, possession

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