Basketball Drill Demonstration


Players Line up in 3 groups one side of the court. This can be played in zone of 10- 20 meters width.

Players pass and weave and follow there pass, and move around the player ready to pick up the pass from the other player.

Player A will pass to player B, Player A follows the pass and runs around player B. Player B has passed to player C. player B follows pass to C and runs around C. The pattern is contiuned in a weave formation.

A) Chest Passing

B) Bounce Passing

Communication, footwork and movement is vital.

Accurate passing to each other in pairs using the chest pass and bounce pass

A) Chest pass - insure accurate passing, calling, footwork and movement. Watch ball into the hands, follow through with the throw.

B) Bounce Pass - insure accurate bounce pass to each other, bounce position must be in the middle and not on-top of each others feet. Insure bounce is received at chest height.

Movement must be electric as the pass is made.

Footwork and agility are key as this will determine how quick the players get there bodies into position early to receive the pass on the move.

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