The Multi-Skills Game

Great tool for bringing focus to practices. Began using it last year...
Eric, Coach


This game uses a mix of many skills and FUNdamental movements to practise in a fun and competitive game environment. 


Play in teams of around 8v8 for best movement and team work and set up on a 20m by 20m area. 

Both teams start with either a football or a basketball and take it in turns to play, flip a coin to determine who gets first play. This team then can either make 3 passes or have 3 seconds of dribbling while their team can move and the opposition cannot, they may pivot and lean but one foot must remain stationary. Then the opposition get their play and so one and so forth. 

Switches in play between the teams being stationary or moving can either be termined by the raising of a bib or the teams colour to indicate who is able to move or by the sounding of a whistle. 

Plays must shot in the appropriate goal (footballs in a goal, basketballs in the nets) 

If the ball is intercepted or goes out of the pitch then the team must return with that ball to the centre zone. Goals are also played in this way however the team that has not scored are allowed to maintain their position within their attack. Only when a goal is scored and that team retrun to the centre zone may the choice of ball be switched. 

The game is played as 2 10 minute halves and the team with the most goals at the end wins. 


The specialised rules in the game are designed to provide certain outcomes, for example:

Both teams having a ball at thesame time (so their are 2 balls on the pitch) aids the understanding of having both attacking and defending players within a team. 

The use of 2 different, sports allows teams to develop a number of different skills and movements

The use of a stationary team means that players must pre plan getting into space or man marking a opposing player as well as allowing less confident players to be involved without having a time restraint pressure or an overly assertive defensive player. This rule also encourages the ability to run onto a ball as the densive players cannot move while the attcking players can therefore players being man marked can run off the defending player into space. 



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