Swivel Entry

category: Pool-Entry

Swimming Swivel Entry Pool Entry Sit on pool side, place hands together on one side of body. Turn onto tummy and slide into the water.


category: Strength

Swimming Strength Strength Swim for 9min on your choice of stroke up to a maximum distance of 300mts with 20sec rest as and when required throughout ...

Star Float – Back

category: Floating

Swimming Star Float – back Floating Standing up, find a space in the pool and make a 'Star' shape - feet flat on the floor, arms and legs wide apar...

No.1 Full Stroke Swimming

category: Breaststroke-Technique

Swimming No.1 Full Stroke Swimming Breaststroke - Technique Following the leg kick after the hands have recovered forwards the body will be stretched...


category: Strength

Swimming Strength Strength Kick 3 x 50mts BC: Kick 3 x 50mts FC: Kick 3 x 50mts BC with 20sec rest after every 50mts plus 60sec rest after each strok...

Backstroke - Top Tips

category: Backstroke-Top-Tips

When you are swimming Backstroke practice your arm stroke by holding a float above your head and watch the opposite arm recover correctly as you swim....

Web Videos

Jumping into a deep swimming pool

Jumping from a high platform into a deep pool of water. Swimming down to the bottom of the deep swimming pool. climbing the rock wall and jumping into...



Community Drills

Warm Up

Students grab the kickboardKicking with two hand on top of the boardStudents swim to the end and then do same thing on way backAfter swimming students...