Farmers And Foxes

category: Conditioned-games

The foxes (players) put bibs into the back of their shorts. The farmer (coach) runs around the area attempting to pull the bibs out. When a players bi...

Long Ball Relay

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Passing pattern: The ball starts with the player near the corner flag who passes up the line to the next player. the next player must them play a long...

Warm Up Grid

category: Agility

Split your players into two groups. Half of the group runs around the outside of the square for one minute at 60% pace. At the same time the other hal...

Ball Tag

category: Conditioned-games

6 players and 2 catchers. Both catchers have a ball each. Catchers move around the area and attempt to throw their ball to hit one of the players on o...

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Community Drills

Fun Warm Up

Players dribble round grid.Coach calls a colour - players dribble to that corner and perform the action required.30 seconds - then continueGet the blo...