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We share our preseason checklist and top tips to help you prepare your team or club for the new season. read more. Euro 2020 Tournament Preview.

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Fitness Soccer

Every position demands different attributes and levels of physicality, so why don?t you train your players differently to match!? Use this session to ...


Pre-Season - Running and Dribbling

Get their legs moving and find out how your players perform when fatigue hits them with this pre-season football-fitness session!


Training for Pre-Season: Pass and Move

Pre-season training doesn't have to be boring! Use the 5 drills in this fitness plan to get your players back in shape and improving their passing gam...



Community Drills


Pre-season and fitness. Dribble with the ball over a distance of 80 metres. Leave the ball along the line between red cones and sprint upto white cone...