Best trial ideas for U10s and how to break bad news?

Best trial ideas for U10s and how to break bad news?

I am taking over a team next season who will be under 10's and I am wanting to bring in a few new players but don't know what will be the best way to trail them and how long I would trail them for. There are many tournaments pre season would that be a good idea. Also what is the best approach with the lads who are not good enough, how do you break it to them

Football CoachCoach
Football CoachCoach

Hi Ryan, I would have the new players training with the rest of the team first to see how they interact all together see their skill level compare with the team and if they are up to the standard of your expectations then bring them in to a pre-season tournament and start them on the bench. good luck.

Ian MarshCoach, England

Hi Ryan, the sandwich feedback method is probably a good way to break bad news to younger players.

Sandwich an area that needs improvement between two more positive statements, so:

  1. Praise
  2. Feedback/Criticisim
  3. Praise

Football CoachCoach

Ryan, aren't you missing the most important fact that these boys are 10 years old? Surely to get as many players playing as possible would be the most beneficial thing for your club and area. Remember winning isn't everything so saying that "players are not good enough" is really down to you as a coach. You can work with them and who may not be the best player now can improve can do a job and can compete. If im thinking right you will not lose your job if you lose, you will not win prize money or even trophies in some areas so why focus on being top of the table or winning a cup as a measure of sucess? Sucess is found in many ways, getting players to use both feet, keeping a clean sheet, scoring, improving on a previous result, building confidence in individuals and most of all making it fun! Ye syou may lose a few games, sometimes all of them but its a start and something to build on. You can have your own awards ceremony if trophies are important and beleive me you will be more satisfied coaching a group of willing players then a team of win at all costs players. 

Football CoachCoach

Couldnt agree more with Karl - as a junior coach (Under 9) in my case you need to have a responsibility to all your players - good and bad to make them the best they can be. Kids just want to have fun and  thats is why the FA have banned competitive football for Under 12's - winning the league at this age does not matter one bit - getting players to improve, enjoy the game and stick with it for a lifetime are the key points

Football CoachCoach

Richard and Karl - spot on.

Football CoachCoach

Richard and Karl, fantastic points there guys..

Even with a squad of around 15 and you can only play 9 say you should still keep them all and make sure you can rotate them in games (rolling subs) at the end of the day its about the boy/girl enjoying A. playing a sport in our case Football and B. feeling part of a team and building relationships with friends.

joe carsonCoach, Scotland

Alex, Karl, Stephen and Shaun, I know this was a year ago, but guys how refreshing to hear you all speak like that about your groups and better still the DEVELOPEMENT of the kids. I`m currently coaching a 2004 age group, who come August are being asked to play Under 13 football. I`ve had this group during Fun 4s, Super 5s and 7 a side in 3 years and I`m feeling this may be a jump to far. Yes I`ve a few players who would do ok, but I`ve also a few who would struggle. My concern is not about winning or losing, but the kids, due to the physical side getting disheartened and starting to lose the love for the game. It looks like my choices are take the chance and play, or take a year out to get them ready for the challenge the following year.


nigel lothianCoach, Scotland

Richard and karl are spot on, all kids progress and develope at different speeds but all kids deserve a game you may find in a few years they catch up with the stronger players or even over take them

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