Running Around The Post

category: Rules

Rounders Running around the post Rules Batters can touch but have to run around the outside of the post.

Touching The Post Or Base

category: Rules

Rounders Touching the post or base Rules Touching the post or base with the ball by the fielder.

Batter In

category: Rules

Rounders Batter in Rules The batter is in if they touch the base before the fielder does with the ball. This clip shows you a batter doing so.

Throw To Hit The Post

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Throw to hit the post Conditioned games Split the group into teams of 3 or 4 aside set out an area with cones ... Touching the Base Drill Th...

Touching The Base

category: Rules

Rounders Touching the Base Rules The fielder on the base, or any fielder, must attempt to get the batter 'out' by touching the base that the batter i...

Hand Eye Coordination

category: Throwing-Catching

Rounders Hand eye coordination Throwing & Catching Player with a ball each in a set area. Players have to throw the ball up for them selves and catch...

Web Videos

Rounders rules video

Rounder Match Rules Match rules for the 'most people in a Rounders exhibition match' world record attempt at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre on ...


Community Drills

Main Session

Introductory activity: Pupils in 4's, 1 ball between them. Pupils throw the ball to each other. Do this for underarm throw and underarm catching (...

Beat the Ball

Split the group into teams of 5. One team throwing the ball around posts. One team running around the posts.The ball starts by the batting square and ...

Run the Bases Game

This game is a striking/fielding and continuous running game. This game also involves the students thinking about strategy whilst playing.1. Field is ...