Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set up:

6 players, rounders balls, posts.

The drill:

The bowler bowls the ball to the batter who catches the ball, and rolls it to fielder 1.

Fielder 1 throws the ball into the 2nd post, which should now be occupied by the runner from post 1, who only runs to second once the batter has caught the ball.

Fielders 2 and 3 form a triangle with the post to back up the throw. The triangle should be in line with wherever the ball is coming from.

The batter could run to put pressure on the fielders

Coaching points

The aim is to enhance the fielders fielding and throwing skills, getting them to think about what positions they need to be in from each feed.

Bowler to judge the pace and height of each delivery to the back stop, to ensure it is a good ball.

Fielders to be walking in when the bowler delivers the ball, in anticipation of the ball coming to them.

Fielders to think quickly and move into position to back up the post.

Good accurate throws to post 2 from all the fielders.

The post player to be one step away from the post within reaching distance.

The batter can vary how, where, and who the ball is sent to. If the ball is sent to fielder 3, fielders 1 and 2 back up the post. Likewise, if the ball is sent to player 2, fielders 1 and 3 back up the post.

Players to rotate after 5 good balls.

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