Catching The Edged Ball

category: Wicket-keeping

Setup the practice as shown.The bowler throws the ball underarm towards the wicketkeeper. The batsman can either deflect the ball, leave it alone or ...

Two Balls - One Keeper

category: Wicket-keeping

Set up the practice as shown.Two balls per group.Two fielders each have a ball and they take it in turns to throw the ball to the wicketkeeper.When th...

Reflex Catching

category: Wicket-keeping

Get your players to work with with one ball in groups of 3. The player with the ball stands behind the other two players, who have their back to him. ...

Wicket Keeper - Leg Side Take

category: Wicket-keeping

The ball is thrown wide of the leg stump so the wicket keeper has to move to the left to complete the catch.

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