Warm Up Drills

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Roll the ball along the ground to a team mate. You can run with the ball, but the ball must be rolled along the ground.Aim to hit the stumps (approach...

Fielding Drill

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

6-12 people needed. Player (6) starts by rolling the ball out to (5) who runs in and throws ball to the (WK). Coach now throws (5) a flat catch as he...

Pull Shot

category: Techniques

Can be done in pairs/ groups of three. One batter and one feeder minimum required. 6 tennis balls per pair/group. Each batter will have two rounds of ...

Off Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Lean towards the ball with head and shoulder forward of the body.Good step forward towards the pitch of the ball, head directly above the front foot.B...

One Day Nets - Bowling Challenge

category: Conditioned-games

Set up two nets with 4-6 players assigned to each. Each net has a different type of bowler (spin, fast, leg etc.) Each batsman gets 12-15 minutes in t...

Inswing Bowling Grip (Right Arm)

category: Techniques

A right-arm bowler bowling to a right handed batsman will move the ball into them. The index and second finger should be placed either side of the th...

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