Y Shooting Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Y Shooting Drill Shooting Set up the practice as shown. Split the group in to three. Players in the corners of the court have basketballs....

Full Court Shooting Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Full court shooting drill Shooting Split the group in two at opposite corners of the court. Setup as ... Y Shooting Drill Drill Thumbnail ...

Pass And Lay Up Drill

category: Shooting

Basketball Pass and Lay up Drill Shooting Player 1 passes to Player 2, who he then ... Pass and Shoot Drill Drill Thumbnail ... Y Shooting Drill Dril...

Give And Go

category: Shooting

Basketball Give and go Shooting Player 1 makes a pass to player 2 before sprinting to receive the pass back from player 2. Player 1 then has a shot.

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