Square Jumping- Plyometrics

category: Fitness

Basketball Square Jumping- Plyometrics Fitness The players will jump (2 footed) as far as they can forward, left, back and right. They will continue ...

Side To Side Jumps- Foot Speed

category: Fitness

Basketball Side to Side Jumps- Foot Speed Fitness This drill you will need 2 small poles as shown in the video. ... Square Jumping- Plyometrics Drill...

Backboard Touches

category: Fitness

Basketball Backboard Touches Fitness The player will stand just in front of the backboard(to the side of the rim). The player will jump and reach out...

Squat Rotations- Dynamic Warm-Up

category: Fitness

Basketball Squat Rotations- Dynamic Warm-up Fitness Squat using proper technique, so that the knee joint is at ... Square Jumping- Plyometrics Drill ...


Community Drills

Suicides with Movements

Each cone represents an exercise in this activity i'm setting the cones with movement which will help in basketball movements.Blue = Laterial Jumps (g...