Finger Tip Control

category: Basic-Ball-Handling

Basketball Finger Tip Control Basic Ball Handling Holding your arms straight out in front, use your fingertips to tap the ball quickly from hand to h...

Changing Hands

category: Dribbling-Relay

Basketball Changing Hands Dribbling Relay Player 1 dribbles the ball with their right hand, change to the left and then go for a lay up shot. Player ...

Cone Dribbling

category: Basic-Ball-Handling

Players take it in turns to dribble at the cone and then stop right in front of it and dribble all the way around the cone with controlled fingerti...

Line Up

category: Games

Teams of 4-6 players with one ball. Players line up with their backs to the court and the gaps between the players are length of their hands. The f...

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Transition and Help Defence

Introduce players to this teamwork defensive system - communicating and moving using the defensive slide to support one another at the back!


Community Drills

1 c 1 despres de pase

Quan defensor surt corrent, hi ha pase i despres 1c1.- Prohibit tirar només rebre, sempre atacar al defensor.- Defensor flexionat i pases cu...