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Two players stand at the baseline at 1 and one player stands at the baseline at 5, a feeder feeds the ball alternating to 1 and 5 the players run from 1 to 5, side step the last two steps and pass to a target directly in front of them.

Then a player runs from five to one and does the same if you have run from 5-1 then you go to the baseline at 1 and visa-versa. This drill continues for set time or number of good contacts. This drill can be fast, slow or whatever the feeder makes it, you can underhand feed or feed with a topspin hit. You can do this with two feeders feeding at the same time, however this can cause confusion but thatÂ’'s ok. Players need to be able to sort it out or give them some help and guidance by asking appropriate questions i.e. what do you do if?

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