Tennis: T + Forehand corner

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Player A executes flat serve to the T. Player B hits defensive return. Player A moves forward and hits offensive forehand into one of the corners.

Drill specifications:

1 repetition per set

To make this drill really dynamic players should switch after one point at the serving side. Returning players can switch after few points to guarantee good consistency and more opportunities for the servers to work on the pattern. It is important for returning players to not miss returns into the net because it completely prevents from hitting the next shot. Waiting players can throw a medicine ball in an overhead motion to improve strength and increase the power of the first serve.


Forehand is the biggest weapon in modern tennis so players have to learn how to use it in many situations during the match. Players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal show us in each match that not only put-away balls but also demanding rally balls from the ad side (for right handers) can be offensively executed with the forehand if players quickly react and have the right goals in mind. Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki are examples from WTA who prove that running around the backhand is not reserved only for male players so connecting good flat serve with the forehand stroke is a pattern that all players should strive to learn to improve their offensive game.

In this drill players work on offensive tactical pattern based on the flat serve to the T. Serving really fast flat serves in T direction is safer than going wide because players hit over the lowest part of the net. By hitting 180km/h players give up a lot of control so proper tactical decisions have to be made to increase the percentage of the balls inside the service box. Coach has to explain to players that after a good first serve they can expect an easier ball so they have to prepare for the quick movement and offensive shot to win the point. They have to understand that forehand is much more convenient to hit from different points of contact so players have to use every offensive opportunity to pick this stroke over the backhand and finish the point. Coach should give a freedom for players to pick the direction of the forehand and see which one is more effective for them.



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