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Player stands close to the net. Coach feeds easy ball to the forehand side, and the player hits it aggressively without touching the net with the racquet.

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Taking advantage of the short ball is a skill that every player should work on. Proper technique is a necessity to successfully execute offensive shots with decent consistency. The most important part of technique that players have to learn is a point of contact. Taking the ball on the rise shortens opponent's reaction time so coaches should spend enough time to teach players how to hit balls around the shoulder level. Additionally, players have to adjust backswings to be able to execute flat shots with minimum chance to hit into the net. In this exercise, player stands close to the net and coach feeds easy balls. Player's goal is to hit aggressively without touching the net. The obstacle (net) will force players to adjust backswing (higher level) as also to modify the swing (high-to-low or forward).

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