Up your passing game with the give and go!

This Sportplan session takes a fun look at passing, working in particular on the give and go.

Giving and going refers to when a player passes the ball before making a forward run with the intention of receiving the return pass. This technique is a positive attacking technique and has the added benefit of giving your team an 'extra man', making sure all your players are running forwards to create options.

This session has been especially designed to allow players of all levels and abilities to take part in this forward thinking passing training. Starting with the basics of passing you will be able to reinforce the chest pass and the bounce pass before moving onto running and passing activities.

Of course to put the skills into practice and see which team has really upped their passing game your players will be split into three teams, with two teams battling it out to see who can be the first one to make 10 consecutive passes. The losing side will have to take a seat and be replaced by the eager sideline team!

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