Teaching the Fast Break

This Sportplan Session aims to promote speed and lightning fast offensive breaks to your players - making them more confident in fast break situations, getting them used to pushing the ball and making good decisions at speed!

Dennis Rodman, nicknamed Dennis the Menace, was known for his defensive hustle and his brilliant rebound record despite his relatively small height - however, another strong part of his game was what came next - The outlet pass!

The outlet pass is a great way to start a fast break. Below we outline some of the key features your players will need to catch the opposition on the hop with a fast break.

  • Win the defensive rebound
  • Look up early and find the outlet pass!
  • Be direct and take the shortest route to the basket
  • Burst out of the blocks and Sprint!

Even if the attack breaks down you can always look to develop a good secondary break, before the opposition's defence has had a chance to set!

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