Shooting on the rebound

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This Sportplan session looks at getting your players to understand the importance of following their shot and always being ready for the rebound - making sure they're the first to the ball for that second chance to score!

If you offered your players the chance to shoot again after they missed the first time round they would probably jump at the chance. However, despite it sounding simple in a game situation a lot of players fail to think one step ahead, they simply shoot and watch their ball - instead of anticipating the rebound they only react to what goes on around them.

To make sure your players are poised to pounce and not lose possession when in a promising attacking position this session aims to introduce and refresh players' rebounding ability.

Starting with a lively 'Simon Says' warm up drill your players will then start practising rebounding the ball to themselves off the wall to get used to following the bounce of the ball. After this they will then progress to bouncing the ball off the backboard in a series of rebounding exercises. Finally, as with all good sessions, we finish with a game - the only difference here though is that all points scored from an offensive rebound are worth double!

After coaching this session you will see your players looking to win both attacking and defensive rebounds, rather than just watching shots, see your team convert more points.

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