Introduction to Basketball - Fun and Full on Session

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This week's session works on teaching your players the basic rules and skills of the game through fun drills, games and races - by making this session enjoyable you can make learning fun!

Introducing basketball and getting the basics of the game across to your players can sometimes be difficult - you know the rules but how do you relay them to your players without them tuning out?

The solution to this problem is by introducing the rules through games - ensuring that at no point during training do your players run with the ball in hand (no travelling), that there's no contact between players and that they're improving their passing skills. By enforcing these rules in training your players will automatically carry them over to their match play.

Try this session with your players today, let them have fun and see what they can do!

Coaching Tip

"Players don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Have a lot of enthusiasm in every session you teach. Do this your players will feed off it!

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