Dribbling, Shooting and Games Session

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This week we've got a fun games-filled session to help you promote basketball to your players and improve their basic skills including dribbling and shooting.

Sometimes new players can be a little bit intimidated when starting out and need an extra bit of help to step out of their comfort zones and joining in with games. That's where this Session comes in, to help you get the best out of your players!

What's in the Session?

From start to finish the aim of this session is to make sure your players have fun and enjoy themselves - improving their core skills as they do. To do this we guide your players through 10 drills, designed to work on their dribbling confidence, speed of dribble and shooting accuracy - including games such as:

  • Basketball Bulldog, Cone Heads, Basketball Rounders and a Shooting Contest!

Get your players involved and get them to push themselves that little bit harder with this competition, games and skills session!

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