Volleyball Drill Demonstration


1. Blue team 'Free ball' the ball over.

2. Yellow team must Set, Set and  Spike.

3. Blue team Blockers must stay at the net until the second hit is executed by the yellow team.

4. Blue team then form the defence postion.

5. Each team repeats.

6. When ball hits the floor, the losssing team rotates off with the team waiting on the sidelines.



1. Involve the team off and have          6 vs 3. Make sure the team of 6 is excuting defence correctly.

2.Turn it into a game, first to stay on the court wins. The two loosing teams complete 5x burpies. Kig of the court changes.

Coaching points

1. Grape vine back to get into defense with balance.

2. Set the free ball high to the middle.

3. Designate a Setter and a back up Setter.

4. Call 'Mine' when going for the ball.

5. Spike the last ball.

Created by Shantel, Volleyball Teacher, Australia

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