Volleyball Drill Demonstration


1. Serve-receive patterns are set up on one side of the court, opposite three blockers (red) and a backrow setter (S).

2. The serve-receive team is served and the blockers attempt to stuff-block the opposing attackers (A).

If the block is successful, the blockers remain at the net and another serve is immediately introduced.

If the ball is attacked by the block, the coach (C) immediately tosses a transition pass to the setter.

3. The attackers on the other side attempt to block the counterattack of the blockers, but without digging so that the drill can be controlled.

4. To provide goals for each blocking group, points may be scored.

  • Two points are awarded for a stuff block.
  • One point is awarded for a successful counterattack kill.
  • If the block creates a deflection resulting in a free ball and then gets a kill from the counterattack, two points may also be rewarded.
  • However, if the deflection doesn’t result in a successful counterattack, no points are scored.

Ten points per blocking group is a suggested starting goal before a new blocking group comes in.

Coaching points

Focus on good blocking team communication - tight, off, trouble

Good blocking footwork & communication of blockers

Transition from block to offense

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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