Volleyball Drill Demonstration


It's an exercice to train the stability in your team. The feeder (B) runs from pos1. to pos 2-3 when person A hits the ball. while Person B is running to his position. A sets to this position. (not necessary to be perfect) The feeder gives a pass to the person on pos. 4 (C). C attacks straight or try to hit the mat on pos. 5. E - F try to do a double block. D makes his defence move to the 3m court.


Someone is serving to A (no to difficult) and you play around. The coach can throw a freeball into the game.



Coaching points

- The feeder: right foot to the left food, body needs to be parallel with the net for a good balance.

- Attacker needs to learn hit straight and cross-over.


- Block: the movement of the player on pos3 is really important. This player needs to do a fast movement with a cross-overpass to block together with pos2.


Created by tijo, Volleyball Coach, Belgium

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