Slice And Cut It Down The Line

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Slice and cut it down the line Serve and Return Player A executes wide slice serve from the deuce side. Player B hits forehand cross court ret...

Toss Variety - Kick Serve

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Toss Variety - Kick Serve Serve and Return Player learns how to toss the ball into the proper spot. Coach stands on the right of the player (s...

Serving Feedback

category: Serve-and-Return

The player serves wide using slice serve. The goal is to hit the ball inside the service box and avoid the coach's racquet. accuracy, serve, serving,...

Different Spin Serves To The Ad Side

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Different spin serves to the ad side Serve and Return Player serves only ... is to get your player alternating between the different spin serv...

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